Our SEO Profesionál Toolbar – was it a success?

A couple of years ago, me and my partner in crime have created a toolbar called “SEO Profesionál Toolbar” for two browsers – Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This Toolbar was initially created to serve my own purposes, however, the czech market was missing such an elaborate tool, so we put it out there for everyone to use for free. We didn’t expect much of it. After a year or so, it was used by 20 000 marketers worldwide, with 1 000 being from the CR. Was I impressed? Absolutely, I was very pleased with the buzz it has created for us and a lots of new opportunities have originated from it.

After 4 years of its existence, it’s still being used by many people who now want more. So we have decided to start developing a new version of it with some exciting features. We are also in the midst of partnering up with a great back-links analysis provider. There is definitely a lot to look forward to and we will try our best to create an excellent and usable tool.

For those who have not heard of our Toolbar, you can check it out right here.

Stay tuned.

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