The Experiment: For All English Speaking Marketers.

I have created this blog a couple of years ago in order to give the czech Internet community information that would help others. Information and know-how that I have gathered from experience and experiments.

This whole time, the blog was written in my mother tongue, thus limiting my reach solely to czech marketers. So after 6 years, I have decided to start publishing content not only to my fellow countrymen, but to all english speaking marketers that live in or are in any way associated with the czech market. To be completely honest, I have no idea how many english speaking people interested in Internet marketing there are in the CR, so I’m going to name this whole thing “The Experiment“.

Who Am I?

I am the guy who is going to start providing the english speaking “czech” community a little insight into Internet Marketing with relation to the czech market. It’s been a long time since I have written something of real value in English, to be specific, last time it was my Masters dissertation – predictive research on Google. I might publish it here one day.

So who am I? Enterpreneur. Athlete. Recreational Psychologist. Analyser. All these words sum up what I’m all about. To be more specific and personal, I want to give a little insight into my path- I attended the Prague British School since I was 12, then at the age of 18, I moved to Preston, United Kingdom, to study Sports Science/Technology and Financial Management, where I graduated with a Bachelor and a Masters degree. That’s where I learned to research, a skill that helps every day.

I started my enterpreneurial career at the age of 19 (designing websites) and it has been my passion ever since. I’m currently the owner of 2 companies (including SEO Profesionál) and I have recently entered the fashion retail business, a start-up which gives me further insight into human behaviour and reaction to traditional marketing. All this helps me to guide our SEO Profesionál clients and give them some added value in a very competitive marketplace.

During my days off, I like to sail, play golf/tennis/squash, attend interesting events or just have fun with friends.

What I’m going to publish

Anything that will be of interest to you – Content Marketing. PPC Campaigns. Google Analytics. SEO. Social Media. Viral Marketing. Usability. And More.

I believe we can build an interesting community on the czech Internet market. So join me and share your ideas.

And last, but not least, subscribe to my feed.

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